Guess what people?

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I'm a mrs. now

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I've been married for a week now, and so far so good! It's definitely weird calling David my husband, but nice nonetheless. Here's some pics from our Vegas trip:

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I deleted about half of my list... it consisted of dead journals, people who I was too lazy to un-add, or you could possibly annoy the hell out of me. Sorry. I'm hardly ever post on LJ (sans the last couple of days) anymore, and I'm tired of reading through posts and rolling my eyes.

However, if you think I deleted you on accident, holla here. I don't think I deleted anyone that actually gives a shit.

good news

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David and I have decided that we'll be moving to (more than likely) Houston or Baton Rouge by June. David's parents told us if we get jobs out there, they will pay for everything. New furniture, with our move, our apartment, everything. I am so shocked.. I can't believe his parents are going to do this. We are so excited you have no idea. And.. I haven't told my parents until we have a more solid plan of when we're leaving and everything.

Now I just need an engagement ring and I'm good to go =D

I'll provide more details when we know more

I started going back to the gym. 120 lbs here I come!

Friends cut possibly done?

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I deleted some of you guys, but I'm still considering some more.

Think you got deleted by mistake? Let me know here.

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